8th Pay commission: Big news..! What will be implemented on 8th Pay commission, know full details here

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8th Pay Commission should be formed soon. Unions of Central Government Employees are continuously doing this thing.

According to the information received from the sources, today on March 17, 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi can hold a cabinet meeting. Central employees  feel that in this meeting, apart from Dearness Allowance DA, PM Narendra Modi can also give them the news of the formation of the Eighth Pay Commission as a gift. Means, with the formation of the Eighth Pay Commission, the process will start that how and how much the salary of the central employees will be increased or this wait will only remain waiting.

Generally, every 10 years, central employees get a chance to get a substantial increase in salary through the formation of the Pay Commission. With the formation of this type of commission, the government would have started discussions with the employees’ organizations so that the salaries of the central employees working in different circumstances should be increased and allowances should be fixed according to the work.

Let us tell you that even after the implementation of the last pay commission, the discontent among many central employees regarding the minimum pay scale remained intact and they kept trying for a long time to get the government to accept their demands. But ultimately it could not happen. It is a different matter that in between, some demands from the government were also accepted later.

With the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendation, the biggest problem faced by the employees was the acceptance of MACP by the Narendra Modi government. Let us tell you that because of this, the displeasure of the third and fourth class employees had come to the fore.

Please inform that before the Seventh Pay Commission, Rs 7000 used to be the minimum pay scale. Whereas after implementation it was reduced to Rs 18000. Then the unions of government employees were demanding to increase it to 26000. While a time had come (information quoting sources) that the government had agreed to increase it to 21000, but this thing remained only in discussions and the employees were not ready for it.

Presently, since the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, the government employees working under the Central Government are being paid according to its recommendations. The Seventh Pay Commission was constituted on February 28, 2014. Justice AK Mathur was made the chairman of this commission. It has been implemented from January 1, 2016. The announcement to implement it was taken in the Modi cabinet meeting on 29 June 2016.

Let us tell you that like the employees of many state governments, now there is a demand among the central employees to implement the old pension scheme (OPS) on the abolition of the New Pension Scheme.

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