8th Pay Commission – Big update regarding 8th Pay Commission, employees will get this good news related to salary

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Big news for the employees. Actually a new update is coming regarding the Eighth Pay Commission. Under which it is being said that soon the employees are going to get good news related to salary.

Employees from all over the country are preparing to shout about the 8th Pay Commission. But, there is good news waiting for the central employees. All the ways of the 8th Pay Commission are not closed yet. There is still hope and the discussion is that after the general elections of 2024, the government can also put it into practice.

Means new pay commission can be formed. Salary will continue to increase with dearness allowance. But, salary revision will happen only at the time of 8th Pay Commission. The great thing is that this increase in 2024 or rather in the 8th Pay Commission can be bigger than the increase in the 6th Pay Commission.

Tremendous benefits will be available in 8th Pay Commission-

If sources are to be believed then only after the general elections in the year 2024, there will be any discussion on the formation of new pay commission. But, it is certain that the matter is moving forward. However, in the meantime, the movement of employee unions and many organizations is also moving forward. Preparations for the nationwide movement have intensified. The union has also warned that the government will have to clear the situation on this. According to the government machinery, there is currently no proposal on the 8th Pay Commission.

Union Minister of State for Finance has also mentioned this in the Parliament. But, the sources of the government departments tell that the time has not yet come for the formation of the Pay Commission. Its deadline will start in the year 2024. After the general elections of 2024, when the new government is formed, a decision will be taken on this.

When can the new pay commission be implemented?

If the 8th Pay Commission is formed by the end of the year 2024, then it will have to be implemented in the next two years. Means the situation can be implemented from 2026. If this happens then it will be the biggest salary hike for the central government employees. According to the sources, according to the 7th Pay Commission, there can be many changes in the 8th Pay Commission. The constitution of the Pay Commission can also be changed once in 10 years.

8th pay commission: Salary will change every year?

After the formation of the 7th Pay Commission, there was the least increase in the minimum salary of central employees. Actually, the salary was increased according to the Fitment Factor. In this it was kept 2.57 times. With this, the basic salary was increased to Rs 18,000. If this formula is considered as the basis, then the minimum salary will be Rs.26000 under the maximum range of fitment factor in the 8th Pay Commission. After this, salary revision of lower level employees can be done every year on performance basis. At the same time, revision of employees with maximum salary can be kept at an interval of 3 years.


When and how much did the salary of the employees increase?

  • Salary hike of central employees in 4th Pay Commission: 27.6% done. In this, his minimum pay scale was fixed at Rs.750.
  • In the 5th Pay Commission, the employees got a big gift and their salary was increased by 31%. Due to this, his minimum wage directly increased to Rs.2550 per month.
  • Fitment factor was implemented in 6th Pay Commission. This was kept at 1.86 times at that time. Due to this, the employees got the biggest hike in salary. There was an increase of 54% in his minimum salary. Due to this the basic salary increased to Rs.7000.
  • In the year 2014, 7th Pay Commission was formed. Considering the fitment factor as the base, an increase of 2.57 times was made. But, the increment that happened was only 14.29%.

Estimated increase in 8th Pay Commission?

Now after the formation of the 8th Pay Commission, if the government keeps the salary revision on the old scale, then the fitment factor will be considered as the basis in this too. On this basis, the fitment of the employees can be done 3.68 times. On this basis, there can be an increase of 44.44% in the minimum wage of the employees. With this, the minimum salary of the employees can be Rs 26000.

Will 8th Pay Commission come or not?

Now the question is when will the 8th Pay Commission be formed? At present there is no such proposal. Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chowdhary also categorically denied this in the Lok Sabha. However, if sources are to be believed, the Pay Commission will be formed when the time comes.

But, now the government has time to consider the new scale of salary hike. That’s why ways are being searched for this. Experts believe that general elections are to be held in the year 2024. In such a situation, the government would not want to anger the employees. But, it is not correct to say that the next pay commission will not come.

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