ATM Transaction: Keep this light in mind while withdrawing cash from ATM, otherwise your account will be empty!

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Safe ATM Transaction: In addition to online transactions, withdrawing money from ATMs is also not safe amidst increasing cases of cybercrime. As much as ATM has made the problem of withdrawing cash easier, it has also increased the difficulties more than that.

A little caution can save you from any untoward incident. Before withdrawing money from ATM, you should check that how safe is the machine from which you are withdrawing money. The biggest danger in ATM is due to card cloning. We will tell you how your details can be stolen…

Hackers steal the data of any customer from the card slot in the ATM machine. They put such a device in the card slot of the ATM machine, which scans the complete information of your card. After this, they steal data from Bluetooth or any other wireless device.

To gain complete access to your debit card, the hacker needs to have your PIN number. Hackers can track the pin number with a camera. To avoid this, whenever you enter your PIN number in the ATM, hide it with the other hand. So that his image does not go in the CCTV camera.

When you go to the ATM, check the card slot of the ATM machine carefully. If you feel that any tampering has been done in the ATM card slot or the slot is loose or there is any other problem then do not use it.

While putting the card in the card slot, pay attention to the light burning in it. If the green light is on in the slot then the ATM is safe. But if red or any other light is not burning in it, then do not use the ATM. This could be a sign of a glitch.

If you ever feel that you have fallen into the trap of hackers and the bank is also closed, then you should contact the police. By giving this information to the police as soon as possible, you can get fingerprints there. You can also see who has an active Bluetooth connection around you, making it easier to reach that person.