Bank is going to make this big change regarding payment services, check details

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SBI Online: While giving information to the customers, SBI Cards and Payment Services has said that this fee will be increased and it will affect the customers using SBI Credit Card. The bank has increased the card fee.

This amendment will be applicable from 17 March 2023. Information given by sending mail Information about this has been given by sending message and mail from SBI Card. SBI Cards has told that users paying their fare through credit card will now be charged Rs 199 plus other applicable taxes.

Revised rates will be applicable

Let us tell you that in November 2022, SBI Card had increased the payment fee in credit card fare to Rs 99 plus 18% GST, but instead of Rs 99 plus applicable taxes, now Rs 199 plus tax will be charged from them. Customers were informed about this. Giving information to the customers, the company has told that the new rates will be implemented soon.

Many banks have already increased

SBI Card has told that it is increasing the processing fee in the payment of rent. The charges on SBI Credit Card rental payment transactions are being revised. Let us tell you that before this ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and Kotak Bank have also increased.

Let us tell you that from February 15, 2023, Kotak Bank has collected 1 percent of the transaction amount and GST charge. At the same time, Bank of Baroda has also charged a transaction fee of 1 percent. HDFC Bank has also changed the rewards points. ICICI Bank has also changed the rates from 20 October 2022.

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