Bank opening-closing time Change: Big news for bank customers, bank opening-closing time will change, know why

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If you yourself are a bank employee or there is a bank employee in your family, then this news will make you happy. Yes, the long standing demand of bank employees can now be fulfilled.

According to this, the facility of five day week may be implemented soon for the bank employees. An agreement has been reached between the Indian Banks Association (IBA) and the United Forum of Bank Employees regarding this. But due to the increase of two holidays in a month, the working hours of the bank employees will be increased.

Will have to work 40 minutes more daily

According to the new agreement, bank employees will have to work 40 minutes more daily. Let us tell you that apart from Sunday, banks have a holiday on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. But now in the coming time, banks will remain closed on every Saturday and Sunday. A new arrangement may start soon regarding this. Consent has been given by the association in this regard. Bank unions have been demanding five days working for a long time.

Five day week happened in LIC last year

Five day week was done in LIC before the listing in the stock market in the year 2022. After this, the demand for five day week from the bank unions intensified. S Nagarajan, General Secretary of All India Bank Officers, said that the government will have to declare all Saturdays as holidays under Section 25 of the Negotiable Instruments Act.

According to the report, the employees will need to work 40 minutes more daily from 9.45 am to 5.30 pm. A senior official also told that this proposal has been agreed to by the IBA. Bank employees say that most of the customers are using mobile banking, ATM and internet banking facilities. But still it is with some customers that they prefer to visit the branch.