Bank Service Charge Changed: ATM cash withdrawal will be charged after the limit is over, Know what changed on other services

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New Delhi: After the cash withdrawal limit from ATM is over, customers will have to pay a fixed amount every time they do a money transaction. Apart from this, banks charge fees from customers for providing different types of services. It is taken from the customer in the form of processing fee, service charge (Bank Service).

According to Canara Bank, it has made new charges for banking services effective from 3 February 2023. Charges will be applicable to the customers for addition or deletion of name in the bank account. For addition or deletion of names, a charge of Rs 100 plus applicable GST rate per case will have to be made. However, no charge will have to be paid for adding or deleting names through online mode. The bank has said that it will not take any charge on the request to remove the name due to the death of the joint account customer.

What is the charge rate for changing mobile number or changing e-mail?

If account holders request to change mobile number, e-mail, address, then different banks have different fee rates. Canara Bank does not charge fee for the first change after account opening. But after that every time customers have to pay Rs 50 and applicable GST rate.

How much will be charged for exceeding the ATM cash withdrawal limit?

The charge rate of each bank is different for crossing the ATM cash withdrawal limit. Canara Bank gives 4 free chances to its customers to withdraw cash from their own or other bank’s ATM. After this, the customer has to pay a fee of Rs 5 and the applicable GST rate every time he withdraws money from the ATM.

Fees have to be paid for these banking services as well.

  • On changing the mobile number linked to the account,
  • Adding or removing name from bank account
  • Change email address
  • Free cash withdrawal limit from atm,
  • Check return charges
  • ECS debit return charges,
  • Average Minimum Balance (AMB),
  • Maintenance of average monthly minimum balance,
  • Ledger folio,
  • Internet and Mobile Banking Services
  • Online fund transfer,
  • Fees on ATM Transaction Services

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