DA Salary increased: Order issued regarding increase in salary of employees, DA increase date also confirmed

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7th Pay Commission DA Hike: There is great news for crores of central government employees of the country. If you are also waiting for the Dearness Allowance to increase, then from now on the salary of pensioners and employees is going to increase.

At present, the employees are getting DA Hike at the rate of 38 per cent . At the same time, from the month of January, employees will get DA at the rate of 42 percent. Along with this, there is going to be an increase of Rs 90,000 in the salary of the employees. Information about this has been received from the data released by the Ministry of Labour.

By how much will DA increase?

Explain that dearness allowance is calculated on the basis of Consumer Price Index (CPI-IW) for industrial workers released by the Labor Bureau every month. According to the data released by the Labor Ministry, the CPI-IW for December 2022 was released on January 31, 2023. DA is calculated from the CPI-IW figures taken from industrial centers under the 7th Pay Commission. The increase in dearness allowance is 4.23 per cent.

Extra salary will come into account after Holi

According to the information received from the ministry, employees and pensioners will get the benefit of the increase in DA from January 1. According to media reports, the government can increase the DA of the employees before Holi, which means that from next month the employees can get increased salary.

Salary may increase by Rs 90,000 According to the information received from the
7th Pay Commission , after the increase in DA of the employees, if the salary of an employee is Rs 30,000, then his gross salary may increase by about Rs 10,800. On the other hand, if we talk about the secretary level, then there can be an increase in the annual salary of the employees by Rs 90,000 or even more.

How often does DA increase?

The dearness allowance is increased twice a year on the basis of ACIPI numbers after six monthly reviews. The hike in dearness allowance may be revealed before Holi and the salary may increase after Holi. The increase in dearness allowance will help 68 lakh senior citizens and roughly 47 lakh employees of the country. At the beginning of the year, the government increased DA by 3 to 4 percent, due to which the dearness allowance increased to 38 percent. On getting three percent salary hike, the dearness allowance will increase to 41 percent or 42 percent.