Employees Salary Payment: Good News For Employees! Payment Of Arrears-Salary Will Be Done Till February 15, Big Decision Of High Court

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Employees Salary Payment: Good news for employees! Payment of arrears-salary will be done till February 15, big decision of High Court

Employees Salary Payment: There is good news for the employees. Actually soon they will be paid salary. In this regard, the High Court gave important instructions to the institution. The High Court has said in its order that the employees should be paid their salaries by February 15. In such a situation, the salary will be paid to the employees till February 15.

Payment of salary by 15 February

Earlier, the salary matter of the employees was heard by the Kerala High Court. In which it was said that before the court, KSRTC had given a little ruling that the salary would be paid to the employees by February 15. At the beginning of the same month, a petition demanding payment of salaries to the employees was presented in the court. In which the court orally said that if KSRTC is not able to pay the salaries of the employees on time then it should be closed.

42000 pensioners including 26000 employees will be affected

KSRTC employees have been continuously appealing to the government for the demand of salary payment for a long time. On the other hand, KSRTC’s lawyer Deepu Thakan, while presenting the argument, said that the salary will be paid to the employees by February 15 of the last month. He also said that if the corporation is closed, it will affect 42000 pensioners including 26000 employees.

Apart from this, more than 20,000 passengers will also be affected by this. Infact more than 20,000 commuters depend on KSRTC service for their travel. In such a situation, if the institution is closed, then the employees and pensioners along with the common citizens may also have to bear a big loss.

High court order

While hearing the matter, the High Court has clarified that the salary and pension should be paid by KSRTC to its employees on time. There is no need for such an institution which cannot pay its employees and pensioners. Also, if the passengers also have to go through its effect, then they can use other means of transport. At the same time, after the order of the court, it is believed that the amount can be seen in the account of the employees till February 15.

Earlier, while submitting an affidavit, KSRTC had also said that it is making efforts to increase the daily revenue by 8 digits. It is expected that the corporation will soon achieve its target. In this way the salary will be paid to the employees in the first week of the month itself. However, it was also stated that till the Corporation does not achieve the daily revenue target, it is not in a position to make any commitment before the High Court with regard to the organization of salary for the first week of every month.

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