Employees-Teachers Promotion: High court’s big decision for employees-teachers, promotion-transfer benefits will be available soon, salary will increase

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The way of promotion has been cleared for the staff teachers. Giving great relief, the High Court has rejected the stay order on the promotion. On the other hand, the order of the Collector has been considered correct.

Employees-Teachers Promotion: Employees-teachers will soon get a big gift. Actually they will be given the benefit of promotion. In this regard, the stay in the promotion case has been set aside by the High Court. With the cancellation of the stay, now the way for the promotion of the staff teachers has been cleared.

Stay dismissed in promotion case

Chhattisgarh High Court has dismissed the stay in the promotion case of teachers. Accepting the order of the Collector, the High Court has given instructions for promotion through the council. The High Court heard the matter. During this, teachers in Korba district will get the benefit of promotion and transfer. Earlier, a petition was filed in the court by the teachers against the order of the collector.

Promotion of teachers was canceled by collector

It may be mentioned that earlier thousands of assistant teachers in Korba district were given the benefit of promotion to the post of Pradhan Pathak Primary School. However, in this case the DEO had posted them in different schools of the district. Alleging discrepancy in the issued order, the promotion of all the teachers was canceled by the Korba collector.

Teachers’ plea

After which the teachers had reached the High Court against this order of the Collector. Along with filing a petition in the High Court, the teachers said that the right to cancel the process of promotion and posting does not come under the purview of the collector. At the same time, while hearing the petition, the single bench of the High Court had given a stay on the promotion process. However, after the completion of the hearing, the court had reserved the verdict. Now the stay has been quashed. On the other hand, the order of the Collector has been considered correct.

High court order

The court has said in its order that the decision of the Collector is correct. Teachers should be given post establishment only through the council. After the decision of the court, once again the process of promotion and posting will be started from 1000 assistant teachers to the post of head reader. At the same time its benefit will be given to the teachers.

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