Flight Ticket Cancellation Refund Rules! Now full money will be returned in case of flight cancellation, booking will have to be done like this

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Flight Ticket Cancellation Refund: If you are planning to travel by air, now you can get full money back even if the flight is cancelled. But for this you have to book flight tickets online through online payment service Paytm.

Because this facility is available only for Paytm users. Therefore, with the help of Paytm, you can get full refund on cancellation of flight or bus tickets. In this plan of Paytm, you do not get any cancellation charge on any flight or bus ticket. That’s why this facility can prove to be very helpful for you.

Please tell that the name of this plan of Paytm is Cancel Protect Premium. Which is different for booking tickets from flights to buses. Talking about the price of Cancel Protect Premium, customers can buy ‘Cancel Protect’ at a premium of Rs 149 for flight tickets and Rs 25 for bus tickets.

Paytm Cancel Protect will work like this

Paytm’s Cancel Protect premium plan enables customers to claim 100% refund for trips canceled through Paytm at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of flights and at least 4 hours before the scheduled departure time of buses will do The company claims that with ‘Cancel Protect’ there is no cap on the refund amount and on cancellation the fare will be credited immediately to the account from which the money was paid for booking the ticket.

Customers will be helped in saving

A Paytm official says that many customer-friendly product features have been introduced on the app by the company, which has simplified travel booking and catered to the needs of Indian travelers. ‘Cancel Protect’ is the perfect solution for customers looking for a flexible and convenient way to protect their travel plans. With the convenience of tickets, users are being given great deals and discounts on travel bookings, which will help customers save more.

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