J&K Bank ATM Charges Per Transaction, Check Here

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A:-Debit Card/ATM Charges
A1.1 Personalized EMV Debit Card of ₹200/- plus applicable GST MasterCard
A1.2 Instant / Personalized Rupay Card Free (Jhan Dhan Accounts)
One- Time Issuance Fee
(First / Instant Master EMV Debit Card)
₹100/- plus applicable GST
Debit cards linked to salary / pension account of active and retired members of staff, Basic Savings Bank Deposit Accounts, Small Accounts, Student Accounts (First/Instant) & Pink Saving Variants for Women are exempted from Issuance Charges.
Card Usage Charges at Bank’s own ATMs/Cash Recycler( other than for cash deposits) (ON-US Transactions)
A) A charge of ₹21/- plus GST per financial transaction (Cash Withdrawal) shall be levied for use of OWN- bank ATMs at all locations subject to 8 free transactions per month for all types of accounts.
B) All Non-Financial transactions (Balance enquiry, Mini-statement etc.) will be free.
Card Usage Charges at other bank’s ATMs/Cash Recycler (Other than for cash deposit) (Off-Us Transactions)
Saving Account all types: Free for first 5 transactions in a month at all locations (Metro / Non- Metro)
From 6th transaction onwards:
A) Cash Withdrawal – ₹ 21 plus GST per transaction
B) Non-Financial Transaction* – ₹ 11 plus GST per
*Non-financial transaction (excluding PIN Change request, Mobile and Aadhaar registrations which shall be free)
Current Account# :
Financial Transaction: ₹ 21 per transaction Plus GST per
Non-Financial transaction*: – ₹ 11 plus GST per transaction
*Non-financial transaction (excluding PIN Change request, Mobile and Aadhaar registrations which shall be free)

In case of BSBDA the total number of Free withdrawals including ATM withdrawals (Both ONUS and OFUS) shall not exceed 4 per month.
A4 International Transactions
A4.2 Non-Financial Transaction
A4.3 Transactions denied at other bank ATM due to insufficient balance
A5 Other Charges
A5.1 Re-PIN Request
A5.3 PIN Release Request
A5.4 Annual Fee
A5.5 Renewal Charges
₹ 25/- plus applicable GST ₹ 25/- plus applicable GST
₹50/- plus applicable GST
₹20/- plus applicable GST
₹45/- per quarter plus applicable GST for all Debit Cards
Personalized/Instant Debit Card of Master / RuPay variant: ₹100/- plus applicable GST
Debit Card- Transaction Charge-Non J&K Bank international ATMs
Financial Transaction
₹ 100 plus GST
(For conversion, a 3.5% mark-up on Master Card wholesale exchange rate prevailing at the time of transaction shall be applied)
Charges for issuance of duplicate card in lieu of lost/damaged Debit Card
Instant Debit Card of Master/ RuPay variant: ₹ 100/- plus applicable GST.
Personalized Debit Card of Master / RuPay variant: ₹ 200/- plus applicable GST
Instant ATM Card of Master/ RuPay variant issued to Kissan Card Holders: ₹ 50/- plus applicable GST
Cash Deposit Charges at CDMs / Recyclers