J&K Bank Loan For purchase of House hold Goods, Check Eligibility and Rate of interest

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  • For purchase of following House hold Goods (not for Commercial Activity):
    • TV (LCD, LED, 3D etc.)
    • Refrigerators and Deep freezers.
    • Washing Machines.
    • Home theater and Music systems.
    • Vacuum Cleaners.
    • Water Purifiers.
    • Geysers.
    • AC (Split as well as Window)
    • Heating Equipment’s ( Electric Heaters including Oil fired Heaters, LPG Heaters/ Bukharis)
    • Generators (only non-kerosene).
    • Invertors Complete Kit.
    • Invertor Batteries
    • Furniture (Steel & Wooden)
    • Cooking Range ETC.
  • Permanent Employees of State / Central Government, Government / Semi-Government Undertakings & Autonomous Bodies.
  • Employees on contractual basis with Central/State Govt, Government/Semi-Government Undertakings& Autonomous bodies shall be eligible, if they have been in current contractual job for a period not less than I year and the remaining contract period is longer than the chosen repayment period.
  • Teachers under Rehaber-a-Taleem, J&K Govt.
  • Officials under Rehaber-a Zeerat, J&K Govt.
  • Pensioners both State/Central drawing their monthly salaries/pension through our bank.
  • Employees of Private Limited Companies, Private Organizations, Reputed Establishments having a minimum 1 year relationship with our bank (Assets or liabilities).
  • Professionals, self-employed individuals (Businessmen included) & Proprietorship Concerns, having a minimum 1 year relationship with our bank (Assets or liabilities)
  • Finance under this Scheme shall also be provided to regular teachers of recognized private schools (must be permanent residents of Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh).

NOTE:Employees on Adhoc basis shall not be eligible.

  • Minimum Age        :           21 years.
  • Maximum age of Applicant at loan maturity:
    • For employees : one month before retirement
    • For pensioners: 70 Years.
    • For others: 65 years.
  • Maximum : Rs. 1,50,000/-
  • 10% of the cost of Consumer Durable Item (s).
    • For loans Up to Rs. 40000/-         :           NIL
    • Loan amount Above Rs. 40,000.00          :           Hypothecation of Goods be purchased.
    • Permanent Government employees drawing salary through our Branches & where letter of confirmation is available. For Pensioners the spouse of the pensioner should be taken as Co- Borrower.
    • Platinum / Gold / Premium plus Current account holders, having maintained satisfactory accounts for at least last 6 months.
    • Cash Credit / SOD account holders having a sanctioned limit above Rs 5 lacs and minimum average utilization percentage above 70% from at least 6 months prior to this facility.
    • Customers having Fixed Deposit accounts of value more than Rs. 5 Lakh in the Business unit sanctioning the facility. The deposit should be more than 4 months old at the time of disbursement of the loan.
      • Third Party Guarantee of one person for all other categories.
  • For loans up to Rs. 75000.00               :           Rs 250.00 plus applicable GST.
  • For Loans above Rs. 75001.00                        :           Rs 500.00 plus applicable GST.
  • Maximum loan tenor 48 months