Man orders iPhone, kills the delivery agent while receiving it: Report

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A 20-year-old man allegedly killed a Flipkart delivery partner who came to deliver an iPhone at Karnataka’s Haasan district, reported The Hindu.

The accused stabbed the delivery person as he did not have money to pay for his order.

According to the report, Hemant Datta, the resident of Lakshmipuram in Haasan district’s Arsekere ordered an iPhone through Flipkart in the beginning of February. Hemanth Naik who works as a delivery agent with the e-commerce site came to the house of the accused on February 7 to deliver the phone. While delivering the phone, there was an argument over the payment and unboxing the mobile phone between the two and Datta allegedly stabbed Naik with a knife in his house. Police said that Naik died on spot and Datta had hidden the dead body in a gunny bag. Two days later, Datta threw the bag on a nearby railway track and later buried the body with petrol.

As the deceased went missing from February 7, his brother Manju Naik filed a police complaint with Arsekere police station. The police found the dead body at a railway track and the accused was arrested on Saturday. A case has been filed on the accused and police are investigating the matter further.