Ration Card Rules: Big news! Your ration card will be canceled in these 4 situations, check details

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Ration Card Rules: There is important news for the Ration Card Holder. If you are also a ration card holder then there is important news for you. Lakhs of ration card holders are being given free ration facility by the central government.

The government has announced that even this year i.e. in 2023, ration card holders will continue to get the benefit of free ration, but it is seen that many ineligible people are taking advantage of free ration, big action will be taken against these people.

Get the ration card canceled yourself

For this an appeal is being made by the government to the people that such people should get their ration card canceled themselves. If the ration card is not cancelled, the Food Department team will cancel it after verification. Action can also be taken against such people.

Know what is the rule of the government?

If a card holder has a plot / flat or house of 100 square meters, four wheeler / tractor, arms license, family income more than two lakhs in the village and three lakhs in the city, earned from his own income, then such people can get their Ration card will have to be surrendered in Tehsil and DSO office.

The government will take legal action, as per the rules of the government, if the ration card holder does not surrender the card, then the card of such people will be canceled after investigation. Along with this, legal action can also be taken against that family. Not only this, since the time he is taking ration from such people, ration will also be recovered.